Simply Better for You, Them & Us


Simply better is how we make decisions on the farm.

All natural products, that are healthier and better for you and your family.

Our farm is small. We pay attention to every detail and take the best care possible of our animals and our land.

All Brae Ridge products are carefully and thoughtfully designed; made with our customers in mind.

At the heart of our business is our guarantee to be simply better.

It’s more than an idea; it’s our philosophy and it’s simple.

In our hectic lives, where slowing down is equal to being less, we need to inherently trust that some of our purchases are healthy, honest and wholesome.

Choose Simpler, Better and True. Choose Brae Ridge.



Discover our philosophy and how
Brae Ridge Farm is better for you



We are proud to offer quality alpaca, honey and lavender products