It’s simple; alpaca fibre is luxurious, comfortable and simply better for you.

Not all alpacas are created equal thus not all alpaca products are equal.

Our alpaca herd is comprised of top line alpacas bred from superior genetics to ensure luxurious fibre with low micron count so that our customers receive the best in comfort and sumptuousness. Our fibre is scientifically tested in a lab each year and we use only the finest fibre in our knitwear. 

Brae Ridge Alpacas are given the best of care to ensure their fibre is superior. It is then spun by the best mills in Ontario.

Our wearables are luxurious and comfortable - no itchy, claustrophobic winter wear sold here.

Alpaca fibre is lightweight, soft, warm and hypoallergenic.

Alpaca fibre has a lower profile of scales on each individual fibre therefore it is much softer that sheep wool fibres.

Alpaca can absorb up to 30% of its own dry weight before one feels any moisture. Polyesters only absorb up to 3% before the moisture begins to seep through to your skin, increasing discomfort.

According to Textile Chemicals: Environmental Data and Facts, superwashed sheep wool is treated with synthetic resins. The chlorination process for wool has lead to enormous environmental and health problems.  Alpaca offers an eco-friendly alternative as harsh chemical processing is not needed because alpaca fibre does not contain lanolin like sheep’s wool.

Alpaca is non flammable and will not readily burn if held to an open flame; it is considered the least flammable of all textile fibres.

We do not dye our fibre; alpacas offer us 22 all natural colours to choose from so no need to use chemicals.


Meet the Alpacas



The matriarch and fearless leader our her small herd. She never relaxes and is always alert and looking for potential hazards. She is an excellent mom to both her crias who live on the farm.

Daphne waits each morning with those big beautiful eyes for me to pour her fresh warm water.

Her fibre is superfine measuring 20 microns with a unbelievable comfort factor of 97%. She won 1st place at both the Alpaca Ontario and Navan Fleece Shows.



Shayna exudes a quiet confidence and is the first to greet you upon entering the barn.

Her fibre is truly luxurious - the alpaca you dream of as your journey into the alpaca world begins.

Shayna has fine fibre at 21 microns and a comfort factor of a whopping 94%. She won 1st place at the Navan Fleece Show.



Dannae is a quiet stoic alpaca. She is a wonderful mother and all around herd member.

She produces a ton of beautiful fibre with a low micron count of 23. Her show accolades include Champion, Judge’s Choice, and 1st place in the Alpaca Ontario show ring.



Dayna is a graceful dancer and is always ready to jump in and have some fun. Her rambunctious nature often gets her into trouble with her mom (Daphne) and the older alpacas.

She inherited her parents (Daphne and Grayson Sky) great fibre characteristics with a micron of 22 and comfort factor of 94%. Her dad, Grayson Sky, has a whopping 9 - 1st place ribbons.
Dayna placed 1st in the Canadian National Cavalcade of Champions Show.



Darla loves to hop and run. She is a beauty to watch in the fields. Getting pictures of her is often difficult - she never seems to stay still. She loves to play with the little ones and teach them how to refine the infamous alpaca hop.

She has beautiful crimp and lustre to her fibre which she inherited from her parents (Dannae and Grayson Sky).



The first cria to be born at Brae Ridge and he is a beauty. His lines are beautiful and his fibre is truly luxurious. He seems to be smiling all the time and is quite the funny character.

We are looking forward to his fibre statistics, he was bred from the top line alpacas - Daphne and Arriba Oreo Ben. Oreo Ben had a spectacular show career winning 1st place at 6 shows.



Acacia was born on Brae Ridge in 2018 and she is the friendliest alpaca I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

She loves to give kisses and looks into your soul with those beautiful big eyes. Her vibrant personality along with her beautiful fibre makes her a favourite on Brae Ridge Farm.

Surely she will follow her parents’, Dannae and Anterro, success in the show ring. Anterro was the winning champion at the largest show in Canada.



Azalea was born on Brae Ridge Farm in the summer of 2018. She joined the world as a cheerful girl and continues to be happy-go-lucky, never causing trouble with the herd.

Her superior genetics from Shayna and Aqeeto are coming through in her beautiful fine fibre. Aqeeto is a 10 time champion and 1st place winner.