My curiosity about alpacas, turned into a 7-year love affair before I took the plunge. It all started at a New York City street market where I purchased an alpaca cape. I am not an impulsive buyer, but the luxury and softness drew me in and I was sold. You will be too.


We wanted to create something that was positive - good for our family and yours, our community and our earth. So we chose alpacas, bees and lavender. Alpacas are beautiful creatures, they produce a luxurious fibre that is as natural as possible. Bees are the salt of the earth and have an important role as pollinators, giving us food and creating beautiful landscapes. Lavender is a luxury that induces calm and serenity, more important today than ever with our busy lifestyles.

Our vision “simply better for you, them and us” is how we make decisions on the farm. Simplicity in our hectic world is what we most crave. Our products are made with as little processing as possible so you can enjoy the benefits of nature in your wearables, your sweeteners and your home. Our farm is small and we aim to keep it that way, so that attention is paid to each detail with ultimate care. Everything produced is in a way that minimizes our footprint on this earth.

Living with alpacas, any animal really, can be best described by the very wise words of Paulo Coelho

No one day is like another, each tomorrow has its special miracle, its magic moment in which old universes are destroyed and new stars created”.

Nature gives us this every day, we just have to choose to stop and listen.

Come and enjoy a walk through the fields at Brae Ridge and find your magical moment.